A Line Intersected

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“A man’s highest duty is to protect his loved ones. Failing that, his next duty is to seek revenge.”

San Diego architect Michael Collwood finds his life shattered after his beautiful wife is murdered with an intentional cocaine overdose, and the police name him as the prime suspect. After two years the investigation grows cold and Michael has lost everything else: his career, his home, his friends, and his self-respect.

Drinking heavily, he hikes far into the desert where he plans to end his ravaged life. But while there he witnesses a small plane crash and at the crash site he finds a dead pilot, one hundred kilos of cocaine, and two million in cash. Michael realizes he now has the opportunity to find his wife’s killers, and he returns to San Diego with one thought on his mind: revenge.

But Michael discovers he represents a threat to a politically ambitious mayor, the DEA, and a Mexican drug lord. In his quest to find his wife’s killers, Michael finds he can trust no one but a wise, homeless old man who believes he is living in the 18th century.