Fat Dog Books is an independent online publisher founded on the premise that if our experience with reading a manuscript is satisfying and engages our intellect and imagination, then it might just do the same for you. We grew from a long partnership with another reputable, online publisher, Martin Sisters Publishing, and found the experience of working with authors so enjoyable that we decided to establish our own publishing company. Combined, the staff at Fat Dog Books has over 40 years of experience in publishing, editing, design, and public relations.

Our mission is to discover original, creative voices and bring those projects to market with care and personal attention, making sure each book has every opportunity to find and grow an audience.

We prefer to work on just one project at a time, even though we may have several in the pipeline and ready to go. That way, we can focus exclusively on each critical step of the publishing process with the new author and without any distractions. We know that writers put their heart and soul into their manuscripts and they deserve our undivided attention, while earning traditional royalties without any service fees whatsoever to be published.

We are actively seeking new authors and new works at this time, whether or not the author has any prior publishing credits or a literary agent; the work will speak for itself. Please review our Submission Guidelines pages for more detailed information about how we work with authors and what to expect.