To The City, With Love

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This is a book filled entirely with stories about New Yorkers – some real, some imagined – who have passed through the author’s life. Among them are:
— A professional basketball player who decides to play his last game stark naked.
— A moral philosopher who must resolve his own moral dilemma.
— Two homeless veterans living in a subway tunnel, who get hit by a train – and live to tell about it.
— A young man on a crowded subway train, who believes a beautiful young woman keeps looking at him.
— A kindergarten class that sets out on an adventure to raise money for the homeless.
– A young woman who took the hands off the clock in Grand Central Station.
— Professors who formulated brilliant strategies to avoid teaching.
— How an old high school classmate helped Bernie Sanders become president.
Some stories will make you laugh, some might make you teary-eyed, but they will all entertain and give the reader a unique flavor and insight into growing up a New Yorker.